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Suspension + Sideshow + Feather Fan Dancing + Human Pin Cushion + Glass Walking + Human Blockhead  + Alternative Model + Fetish Model


~ About ~

Gisella Rose, “La Pain Proof Artiste” is a SideshowHook Suspension and Cabaret performer hailing from South Africa. Now Located in New Jersey, USA.  She is known for her extreme Human Pincushion performances,  where she takes to the stage with her own style of performance art while piercing herself with large gauge skewers and play needles.  She adds an ethereal quality to her acts,  mixed in with circus sideshow,  a fetish twist and her unique sensuality,  she commands the stage with intrigue and aura.  These performances have set her apart from other modern day human pincushion performers and have dubbed her the “Pincushion Princess”.  Gisella embraced the art of flesh hook suspension in 2007,  and has since travelled down a very beautiful and spiritual path as she has learned and grown with each suspension experience both privately and on stage.  Combining suspension into her performance art seemed only natural, and performing on hooks is also one of her “known for” features.  Working with ill Niño, as cover model for their album Epidemia.  Suspending for Flymachine Films  “Project Morning Star” and a Flesh Pull performance for Johanna Warren’s music video “My Storm”.  Having had her sideshow and suspension performance at Asbury Park’s Visionary Tattoo Festival 2013 documented by the NJ Star Ledger Newspaper.  The Star Ledger also interviewed her for the “Sideshow in NJ revival” article, by reporter Lisa Rose. 

An internationally published performer and model, gracing the covers of UK’s SKIN Magazine, SA’s #1 Alt magazine Kultur and major alternative publication Gorgeous Freaks Magazine. Widely published and featured both in print and digital magazines, such as Skin & Ink, Rebel Ink and UK’s Bizarre Magazine, to name a few. Making a name for herself as an alternative tattooed model and every macabre artists muse. Gisella has been a professional body piercer since 2007. She is co-owner of Invisibleself Piercing & Jewelry in Lyndhurst NJ and also practitioner and team member of Invisibleself Body Suspensions. She also produces a monthly variety show called “ScarLit ArtEsque” that is hosted at performance venue “Hells Kitchen Lounge” NJ. This event showcases some amazing sideshow and burlesque talent and is a benefit show donating a portion of the events proceeds to a charity in support of Autism awareness.