Gisella Rose “La Pain Proof Artiste” is a Sideshow Performer, Macabre Showgirl & Flesh hook Suspension Artist specializing in skill sets that demonstrate a “Pain Proof” quality. She has been charming her way into the hearts of audiences since 2007 with, her unique style of performance art that incorporates dance, circus sideshow and hook suspension. Her skill sets include: Human PinCushion, Glass Walking, Bed of Nails, Body Suspension, Mental Flossing and performing “Sideshow En Pointe” which, is something that she is known for. Also performing her exclusive acts such as “Pierced En Pointe”, “Bloody Pointes”, “En Pointe to Glass” and “Bubbling ...
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Circus Sideshow | Hook Suspension | Performance Art
Skillsets / Stunts include:  
Human Pincushion, Glass Walking, Bed of Nails, Mental Floss (nose hose), Hook Suspension, Performing “En Pointe”
Pierced En Pointe, Bloody Pointes, En Pointe to Glass, Feathers & Hooks, Horror Pops, Feathers & Skewers, Bubbling Through Me.
 Please Note:  
Original “Acts” that have been created by Gisella Rose, are original performance art pieces belonging to the artist.
All Skill-sets and Stunts can also be performed and presented in their traditional / classic way.

Human PinCushion

Gisella Rose

I have been a human pincushion performer Since 2009, I have performed at many different types of events both in South Africa and in the US. I can present this act in different ways with different themes.

Feathers & Skewers

-An original performance art piece-

feathers & skewers acts photo

Feather fan dancing and a sideshow pincushion act combined. Debuted February 2010 in NJ at “My Bloody Valentine” The NWB.

Pierced En Pointe

-An original performance art piece-

Gisella Rose

“My Signature Act”

I perform my human pincushion act en pointe. Debuted on 7 March 2015.

Bloody Pointes

-An original performance art piece-

bloodypointes website pic

“My Signature Act”.

This act is a more bloody version of “Pierced En Pointe”. I perform a human pincushion act en pointe. In this act I also pierce my forehead and bleed more than I normally do in my pincushion acts. Debuted on 28 March 2015.

En Pointe to Glass

-An original performance art piece-

Gisella Rose

This act starts with me dancing en pointe, I then remove my ballet shoes and start dancing and being bendy on broken glass. Debuted on 11 October 2014 at Hells Kitchen Lounge.

Horror Pops

-An original performance art piece-

Horror Pops acts photo

My very first Pincushion act that I performed. Debuted in 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa

Hook Suspension & Flesh Pull

Gisella Rose - Suspension

I have been a suspension performer since 2008, I started performing with Lliezel Ellick in Cape Town, SA. Currently and since 2010, I have been suspended by Invisibleself Suspensions for most of my suspension performances. I also perform occasionally with other suspension troupes.

Feather Fan Dancing in The Air

feathers & hooks acts photo

Feather fan dancing while suspended from hooks through my back. I first performed this act in December 2010.

On Broken Glass

Gisella Rose

Dancing, being bendy and walking on broken glass.

Bubbling Through Me

-An original performance art piece-

Bubbling Through Me Act01Bubbling Through Me Act02

Nose Hose / Mental Floss and Human Pincushion combined. Debuted 25 July 2015.


-Performance Promo Reel-

 nose hose en pointe Gisella Rose


Up-coming Performances 

23 January 2016  – 
1st Annual Something Strange Circus Sideshow Festival

Mod Club Theatre, Toronto, Ontario

Something Strange Sideshow Festival - Gisella Rose

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6 February 2016  – ScarLit ArtEsque – Hells Kitchen Lounge, NJ.


12 February 2016 – Private Gig – Suspension

13 February 2016 – Villain Arts PHILADELPHIA TATTOO CONVENTION 2016 – Sideshow


6 March 2016 – The Southern Sideshow Hootenanny “Innovators in Sideshow” Show. New Orleans, LA


18 – 20 March 2016 – STARCITY TATTOO EXPO – FORT BLISS MILITARY BASE  , El Paso, Texas.  – Sideshow + Suspension

Starcity Tattoo Expo 2016 || Texas


Check back for more updates! 

Gisella Rose / Madness Photography ©


I have some performance art and modeling prints for sale.


gisella rose prints for sale

Heart Pudding

When I moved to the US, I spent all my time establishing myself as a performer and getting the studio open. I had no time to focus on one of my all time loves, drawing and painting. I am so excited that I am now at a point in my life that I can once again create more artwork on paper and canvas. “Heart Pudding by Gisella Rose Arduino” is the name that I use for this. I currently have some art for sale on Etsy as well as a Design By Humans store. I will be launching a separate website for my artwork in the next few weeks, check back for details. I will be listing all my original art on the website.

In the meantime you can visit my DESIGN BY HUMANS and ETSY shops :)

Etsy Gisella Rose Heart Pudding

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 2.07.34 PM

Gisella Rose Design By Humans


Promo Photo | Gisella Rose | Blue Box Photography


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