Circus Sideshow | Hook Suspension | Performance Art
Skillsets / Stunts include:  
Human Pincushion, Glass Walking, Bed of Nails, Mental Floss (nose hose), Hook Suspension, Performing “En Pointe”
Pierced En Pointe, Bloody Pointes, En Pointe to Glass, Feathers & Hooks, Horror Pops, Feathers & Skewers, Bubbling Through Me.
 Please Note:  
Original “Acts” that have been created by Gisella Rose, are original performance art pieces belonging to the artist.
All Skill-sets and Stunts can also be performed and presented in their traditional / classic way.

Human PinCushion

Gisella Rose

I have been a human pincushion performer Since 2009, I have performed at many different types of events both in South Africa and in the US. I can present this act in different ways with different themes.

Feathers & Skewers

-An original performance art piece-

feathers & skewers acts photo

Feather fan dancing and a sideshow pincushion act combined. Debuted February 2010 in NJ at “My Bloody Valentine” The NWB.

Pierced En Pointe

-An original performance art piece-

Gisella Rose

“My Signature Act”

I perform my human pincushion act en pointe. Debuted on 7 March 2015.

Bloody Pointes

-An original performance art piece-

bloodypointes website pic

“My Signature Act”.

This act is a more bloody version of “Pierced En Pointe”. I perform a human pincushion act en pointe. In this act I also pierce my forehead and bleed more than I normally do in my pincushion acts. Debuted on 28 March 2015.

En Pointe to Glass

-An original performance art piece-

Gisella Rose

This act starts with me dancing en pointe, I then remove my ballet shoes and start dancing and being bendy on broken glass. Debuted on 11 October 2014 at Hells Kitchen Lounge.

Horror Pops

-An original performance art piece-

Horror Pops acts photo

My very first Pincushion act that I performed. Debuted in 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa

Hook Suspension & Flesh Pull

Gisella Rose - Suspension

I have been a suspension performer since 2008, I started performing with Lliezel Ellick in Cape Town, SA. Currently and since 2010, I have been suspended by Invisibleself Suspensions for most of my suspension performances. I also perform occasionally with other suspension troupes.

Feather Fan Dancing in The Air

feathers & hooks acts photo

Feather fan dancing while suspended from hooks through my back. I first performed this act in December 2010.

On Broken Glass

Gisella Rose

Dancing, being bendy and walking on broken glass.

Bubbling Through Me

-An original performance art piece-

Bubbling Through Me Act01Bubbling Through Me Act02

Nose Hose / Mental Floss and Human Pincushion combined. Debuted 25 July 2015.


-Performance Promo Reel-